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Lady Lattes & Maiden Mochas / Food

Ladies, charge up your day and uncover your barista’s unsolicited politics with any one of these six, functional Lady Latte & Maiden Mocha recipes, courtesy of The Re(a)d Table and The Bottomless Cup. After all, resistance is serious business, but there’s no reason to fight a bitter battle when victory is delectably sweet.

1) Too smart and spicy? You’re Hysterically Caffeinated

Chili Powder
Dark Chocolate Mocha
Cashew Milk
Whipped cream topped with crushed spiced nuts

2) Shut up and double the chocolate, it’s Lady Business (aka, the Aunt Flo)

Beet sauce
Chocolate Milano
Dark Chocolate Mocha
Whole Milk
Whipped cream with beet drizzle

3) Get nasty and put on your Pussyhat Capp

Strawberry Syrup
Hemp Milk

Alt: Rose Syrup, Whole Milk and Espresso
Alt: Milk and Espresso with Strawberry drizzle

4) Fall crazy in love with the fierce Queen B.

Whole Milk
Whipped cream with honeycomb

5) Grow natural from the inside out with the Hairy Dairy

Irish Cream
White Chocol…

This Will Be My Undoing / Book Review

Morgan Jerkins’ debut essay collection, This Will Be My Undoing, promises the reader 10 essays about "living at the intersection of black, female, and feminist in (white) America”. From the first essay to the last, Jerkins does not stray from that promise; she keeps us there.

Her words are raw and direct. In the first essay, Monkeys Like You, Jerkins writes about the cultural norms that surrounded her at 10, and how they shaped her desire to join the all-white cheerleading squad. The experience was the catalyst for her understanding of what it means to grow up as a black woman in a predominantly white society. From there, she segways into memories of mean girls, and commentary about old-school feminism.

In one of the final paragraphs of the essay, she gives the disclaimer, “This book is not about all women, but it is meant for all women”. Jerkins, a Princeton University graduate based in Harlem, purposefully directs the bulk of her words to black women working to just be in a wh…