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Urgent, Unheard Stories / Book Review

Roxane Gay's Urgent, Unheard Stories is a pocket-size love letter to books and authors past, present, and aspiring. At only 64 pages in length, Urgent is printed as a petite hard back with a brown, paper bag-esque cover design and font selection that makes it feel a little "top secret".

This quick-glance impression got me before I realized the book was written by Gay. In this way, I feel the cover doesn’t do this tiny gem justice. As a new, obsessive fan of Gay’s writing, I shouldn’t have been surprised that she wrote it. If anything, I should have already known. Still, I’m happy to have it now.

Unfortunately, Urgent, Unheard Stories only takes an hour or two to finish, but for anyone who has wondered how a writer’s mind works, these seven essays read like an intimate coffee-and-chat with one of today’s most notable. Gay dishes on the books that have shaped her, and those that have most commanded her attention.

“In all these books and in so many more, I find the most es…